What Are Trebles?

Even if you are a complete newcomer to sports betting, chances are that you’ve already heard the term “treble” being mentioned somewhere. But what exactly does it mean?

Well, trebles are, in essence, accumulator bets that consist of three selections. As you’d expect, all three selections need to be correct in order for the accumulator to come in, but that’s the only major minus trebles come with.

Meanwhile, there are many things that you could easily see as pluses. Firstly, trebles allow players to lump three bets together for just one stake. Secondly, they allow players to multiply the odds of the three individual selections, which means that they can give one a greater payout than single bets. Thirdly, there are some bookies that give certain accumulator bonuses that automatically boost the final odds of betting slips with more than one selection, which can make trebles even more appealing.

Be warned, however – if you stick to accumulator bets like trebles, you might have to deal with long stretches of losses, especially if you enjoy backing underdogs. There are big payouts to be won with accumulators, of course, but they obviously don’t come in nowhere near as often as single bets!

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