Tennis Betting Rules


What Are Tennis Betting Rules?

At first glance, betting on tennis might look like the simplest thing ever. After all, what is there that could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, the truth is that there are actually many things that could go wrong and take you by surprise – and that’s why you should always study the tennis betting rules your online bookmaker is using for settling all the various markets!

One of the things that you’ll certainly want to know before placing any tennis bets is how the given bookmaker settles matches that end with one of the players retiring, since retirements happen pretty much every single day. While many bookmakers just void all bets on matches that end that way, other actually settle some of the markets in certain ways. For example, some bookmakers honor match winners regardless of how they actually won if at least one ball or one set was completed. You can naturally use this to your advantage if you know that one of the players might be somewhat injured, but it can also obviously go against you from time to time.

On top of that, you’ll also want to know how the bookie you’re playing with handles long term bets like bets on tournament winners or end-of-the-year rankings in case of injuries. Some bookmakers do void such bets in certain circumstances, while other just see them through no matter what.

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