Sports Betting Rules


What Are Sports Betting Rules?

Although most guides to online betting don’t really mention it, one of the very first things that you should do when joining a new bookmaker is check its sports betting rules. You don’t have to read everything in its entirety, of course, but you should definitely read all the paragraphs that mention the sports you’d like to bet on.

You might, of course, now be a bit confused – after all, what rules should you possibly be worried about when it comes to betting? Well, let us tell you what exactly we’re talking about.

If you bet on football, for example, you’ll certainly want to know how exactly the bookmaker you’re staying at settles bets on matches that get postponed to a different date. While some bookmakers don’t void bets unless the match is postponed for more than, say, 72 hours, other void all bets on the match as soon as the day on which it was supposed to take place ends (or as soon as they become aware of the postponement).

If you bet on tennis, on the other hand, you’ll definitely want to know how exactly the given bookmaker settles bets on matches that end with one of the players retiring. Different bookmakers really use different rules in this particular respect – while some honor the final result no matter what, other just automatically void all bets.

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