In-Play Betting


What Is In-Play Betting?

Arguably, in-play (or live) betting is the most revolutionary thing that has happened in sports betting in the last decade – and, of course, it should be said that its rise came only thanks to the rise of online betting, as trying to make in-play betting work off-line is almost unimaginable.

In essence, in-play betting allows players to bet on matches and events that are already in progress, which naturally has several advantages over betting on events that are yet to start. First, there’s more action and drama, as virtually all in-play bets get decided in matter of minutes rather than hours or days. Second, in-play betting markets can offer bets on incredibly short-term stuff like “who’s going to win the next point in a tennis match?” or “will there be a goal scored in the next ten minutes?”.

If you put these things together, it should be easy to realize that in-play betting is a very dynamic environment in which wins and losses happen incredibly quickly. And what does that mean for players? Well, it means more interesting opportunities for everyone who likes to follow events live – and that can’t really be a bad thing, can it?

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