Handicap Betting


What Is Handicap Betting?

Chances are that you’ve already seen how betting markets look like, so you’ve probably also already noticed that there are handicap markets on offer in many sports. What are they all about, however, and is it worth getting into them?

The answer to the latter question is easy – yes, it is, as they allow for a wider variety of options, which can never be a bad thing. Meanwhile, the answer to the former question is slightly more difficult, but it’s nothing one should be afraid of.


Handicap markets are all about giving one of the teams or players a certain head start, with punters then being able to bet on what the final result will be with that head start applied. In football betting, for example, you can typically bet on -1.5/+1.5 goals handicaps, which means that you’re betting on the team winning by more than one goal or not losing by more than one goal. When betting on basketball, you can then bet on the teams winning or not losing by more than a certain amount of points – and variations on that theme exist for virtually every single sport that you can think of.

Sounds easy? Well, then you should also check out Asian handicaps, as they take things to yet another level!

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