What Are Doubles?

If you are a complete newcomer to the betting thing, you might be wondering what exactly do “doubles” mean. After all, you’ve probably already seen them mentioned in some betting previews or twitter feeds, but you’ve never really bothered to examine further.

Well, basically, doubles are the simplest form of accumulator bets, i.e. betting tickets with more than one selection. Yes, that’s right, a doubles bet is an accumulator with exactly two selections, which means that it can come in handy on quite a few occasions. For example, you might not really want to back two big favourites separately. Instead, you might want to put them into a double and back them with just one stake. You aren’t going to win anything unless both win, of course, but, if they do, your profit is going to be bigger than in the case of two separate winning single bets.

And, once you master the art of doubles, you should certainly take a look at trebles and combi bets, especially if you really like the idea of betting on more than one event at once. We hope that your betting days are going to be successful, but make sure that you aren’t going to overdo it with all these accumulator bets – chances are that you are going to encounter some losing streaks with them, especially if you are going to back some underdogs here and there!

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