Combi Bets


What Are Combi Bets?

Nowadays, there are so many betting events and markets on offer 24/7 that it’s easy for one to come up with dozens of bets. The wisest thing to do, from the theoretical point of view, might be to back them all as singles, but what if that option just isn’t on the cards for one reason or another? And what if you’d just like to build one giant ticket?

Well, in that case, your most basic option is to put everything into an accumulator bet. Accumulator bets have one big disadvantage, however, in that they lose as soon as one of your selections loses – and what could be worse than losing everything on a ticket that has twenty winning selections and one losing pick?

So what can you do in order to avoid such a fate? Well, you should place a combi bet, a much more sophisticated form of accas. Combi bets allow players to split their big accas into several legs, each of which can then have more than one selection. Once you carefully do all the work and build your desired combi, you’ll have to decide not only how much to play for, but also how many legs should each individual bet cover.

This might sound really complicated, but the good news is that most online bookmakers allow players to do everything in a single interface that also instantly calculates all the potential payouts as soon as you start to tinker around with the staking options. Combi bets might be complicated, but we’d say that they are definitely worth the effort!

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