Bookies Match Bonuses


What Are Match Bonuses?

Deposit bonuses can come in many different shapes and forms, but there is one very basic model of match bonuses that many online bookmakers are yet to abandon.

The basic idea of a match bonus is that the given bookie matches your first deposit by increasing it by a certain amount. Typically, the amount is equal to the initial total (a deposit of, say, €200 is turned into a deposit of €400), so the deposit is indeed “matched”.

If you come across a match bonus, there are a few things that you should research before jumping in. First of all, you should check what’s the maximum amount that’s going to get matched, as you probably won’t want to deposit more than that. Secondly, you should also check out what exactly you’ll have to do in order to be able to withdraw your money back to your bank account. Typically, the bookmaker will ask you to place a certain number of bets above certain odds, but the specific details are quite different across the board – some bookies, for example, are going to take the bonus back if you fail to fulfill its conditions within a certain time frame.

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