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Betway Sports Review

Although Betway have been around for quite a while now, it’s the redesign they’ve undergone recently that has well and truly placed them on the main map. The marketing investments also seem to be paying off nicely, so let’s take a look at what this increase in popularity is all about and whether you should give these guys a go or not.

About Betway

Having entered the market back in 2006, Betway are now one of the more prominent companies on the European continent, offering a wide selection of services to the mainstream gambling community.

The group currently holds licences in eight countries, which means that you can access its services from almost all parts of the world, with Europe being the obvious focus for the time being. Although Betway have never been the leaders in any segment of the market, they deserve a lot of praise for their excellent integrity and reputation.

Pre-Match Betting

Extremely solid – that’s how you could sum put Betway’s pre-match betting offers in two words. Every single major sport is covered nicely and there’s a decent number of side markets to enjoy if that’s what you’re looking for, while the odds are also exactly what you’d expect from a bookmaker that focuses on casual punters – good, but almost never above the industry standard. On the upside, there are some interesting specials being offered on the major sports that can’t be easily found anywhere else.

It should, however, be noted that Betway are offering a lot of bets on eSports, so you should definitely consider checking these guys out if you like betting on that niche, which even gets its own promotional offers from time to time.

Live Betting

Although the interface for live betting stays true to the elegance and simplicity of the entire website, the live betting offers don’t exactly reflect the pre-match ones. Of course, the selection of events is very wide and you’ll be able to bet on your favourite sports at all times, but there are also some issues – some markets are strangely worded, some typical markets aren’t available all the time for whatever reason, and there’s no match visualization.

Since not even the most fundamental of match statistics are displayed, it would be fair to say that Betway will need to do a lot of work in this particular department if they are to compete with the rest. The inclusion of a cash out feature is a positive sign, however.

Special Features

Betway are definitely not in the front of the pack when it comes to innovations and new features, but they seem to be doing their best to not fall far behind on any front and there are some interesting details worth noting.

For example, Betway’s live streaming feature covers the popular German Bundesliga, something that sets it apart from many other live streaming services out there. If that’s the sign of things to come, we definitely have a lot to look forward to in the long run.

There’s also the customary mobile application that you can use to play at Betway on the go and it actually shines with its simplicity and elegance – the high ratings on the various app stores certainly don’t lie (and it does get regular updates with new features).

If you like to read about the matches and events you bet on, you’ll probably enjoy the Betway Insider Blog that’s getting daily updates with some truly interesting info, while the statistics section also looks fairly serviceable.

Odds and Ends

The visual side of Betway is certainly a highlight, as the design is slick, clean and intuitive. In this respect, Betway might be the ideal bookie for newcomers to online betting, especially since the excellent design is also coupled with truly superb customer support options, which are on hand 24/7.

The offered payment methods are pretty much your standard fare, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to deposit or withdraw easily. Some countries even get special local options, which is a nice little touch that – unfortunately – is yet to become the norm across the board.

The Minuses

Considering that Betway have been on the market for such a long time, it is slightly strange to see them lacking in so many departments. Apart from the poor in-play betting, which we have already mentioned, the live streaming feature was restricted to only a handful of countries at the time of writing, which is quite puzzling given Betway’s efforts to get access to all European markets.

Moreover, punters that like to dig deep and look for unconventional betting opportunities probably won’t be very satisfied with what Betway have to offer, while the same can be said about bettors that like higher stakes and odds that are consistently above the industry standard.


If there’s one word that would characterize Betway, it’s definitely the word “modern”. It’s pretty much impossible to criticize these guys for anything on the visual front and the core betting experience is also surprisingly slick and compact.

However, it’s hard to say why exactly one shouldn’t move on after spending some time at Betway. The regular promotions are nice, but, if you ever start to bet more or find a certain niche that suits you, there will probably be nothing to hold you at these guys. That said, you should undoubtedly give Betway a go, if only to just test the waters or to enjoy the fabulous design.