Betting Limits


What Are Betting Limits?

If you are a player that only bets small sums on major matches here and there, you probably won’t really have to deal with betting limits at any point in your betting career. If you enjoy betting on minor events or if you like to play for decent amounts of cash, on the other hand, things could certainly get somewhat tricky on certain occasions.

The general rule is that the biggest bookmakers are willing to take nearly unlimited sums on major football leagues, Grand Slam tennis matches, and all the big American sports. Once you drop down, however, the potentially accepted sums start to decrease almost exponentially. Sometimes, you’re going to learn about your bets not being accepted only once you try placing them, but, thankfully, nearly all the important online bookmakers now conveniently start to display the applicable limits inside their betting interfaces as soon as one adds a selection to his or her betting slip.

And what can you do in order to bypass all these limits? Well, first of all, you can try opening new accounts at more bookmakers – it might not be the best of ideas to start betting big straight away, however. Secondly, you can try going the old route and place your bets in regular betting shops. Finally, you can also try to bet a bit later, as all the different limits generally increase the closer one gets to the kick-off.

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