About 5BettingSites

This site is currently being built right now, and it is in Beta mode, denoted by this tag BETA v. 0.6 in the top bar.

Essentially, this means we think it is good enough to test out using real people, but it is probably not good enough to remove the beta tag just yet. Expect bugs. Lots of bugs.

We are using lots of goodies that are available to build sites these days, such as Bootstrap and html5 and css3 and, more importantly, the expertise of others who have done lots of the hard work already.

The idea here is that websites don’t have to be made the same way as they always have. And not everything needs to be an install-able app that needs to be downloaded from any particular site.

We also think that you don’t need lots of images and other stuff that takes ages to load. So we are trying to provide accurate information, and deliver it to your phone as fast as possible..

This site should function like an app, but you don’t need to install anything. The same files that run this site in a regular web browser will work on your phone or your tablet.

If you choose to add this site to your home screen then it will load faster than loading it through a regular mobile browser.

You don’t have to add it to your device though, it will still function. It’s up to you.


Like I said above, we are using the skills and hard work of others to build out this site, and we will list here the various resources that we are using.

First up is the legendary Bootstrap framework from Twitter. We are using Version 4 which is in Alpha right now Bootstrap V4, so there are bugs. But it’s got some great features that we like, so we have decided to go with the bugs, and we can also use those bugs to make excuses for anything that goes wrong.

Next comes the great, free, icons resource from Font Awesome. The little symbols you see scattered randomly around the site such as this one and this one are courtesy of those guys. Once you get used to using them they are very useful.

The site is built on WordPress, which you are surely familiar with already. We are using a theme that uses Bootstrap V4. It’s called UnderStrap and is available free here. We have modified the templates so we are using a child theme to the Understrap one – there is a selection of free child themes available here.

The javascript is provided by JQuery, which comes bundled with WordPress anyway.

I’ll credit other stuff as and when I remember it.

Remember, this is a Beta version, so it may not work correctly, or at all.